5 Tips to Making the Most Out of Your Summer

When work becomes a summer routine instead of just sitting on a beach for 4 months out of the year, these are the best ways to cure the ‘summer work blues’

Sun, Sand, and Tan

Now, as someone who has only joined the work force full time for a total of 4 years- I can greatly say that at first it was SUPER hard to get used to working through the summer instead of tanning and spending time with my friends- who were all still in school- every day from April until September.

Tip #1: Plan Day Trips On The Weekend

One of the best ways to get through working a 9-5 or shift work is to have something to look forward to on your days off. Hiking, going to the beach, a natural attraction, or walking along the pier are some of the best ways to spend a weekend, whatever day of the week that may be.

Downtown Waterfront- Weekend Morning Trip- July 2019

Tip #2: Have One Big Vacation To Look Forward To For The Summer

Having something to look forward to for 5 or 6 days out of the summer, helps to get through those long dragging weeks sitting inside when the weather is nice out and all you want to do is dip your toes in the water or sip on that margarita by the bar. Having time off in the summer is great and it will help you realize, working through the summer isn’t all bad. You will learn to appreciate the time off instead.

Skylon Tower- Niagara Vacation – June 2019

Tip #3: Get Outside After Work

After sitting at a cubical, or wherever for 8 hours of your precious time, getting outside after your shift be it first thing in the morning after an overnight or at 7 P.M. after a day shift and commute home will help immensely with your health. We all need Vitamin D and here in Canada, we soak up all we can while the nice weather is here.

Go for a walk, sit outside and paint your nails, go for a run, sit by the pool, tan in the backyard, go sit at a coffee shop with your friends. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it can be as simple as sitting on your porch listening to your favourite podcast or playlist and enjoying the time outside.

After Work Hike – July 2019

Tip #4: Prioritize Activities

Now, by this: I mean- it’s summer. Don’t spend your days off sitting inside. You have 8 months out of the year to do that- if you life in the northern hemisphere anyways- while there is no sun and no warmth.

Get outside and get active first thing in the morning. Don’t waste your time sleeping your day away- go to bed earlier to get out and going and enjoy the less humid time of the day. Go for a run, a hike, a walk, yoga in the park- it doesn’t matter what you do. Get outside for at least an hour, while it is still tolerable. Because by mid afternoon, we know that’s not going to happen

When it peaks at 40 degrees Celsius by 2pm, this is where the pool or water activities come in. Go to a public pool with your friends, tan and chat. If this isn’t an option- coffee shops are great places to cool off and get some work done if needed.

At night, have a bonfire eat some s’mores, go to the gym just enjoy your life!

Tip #5: When You’re At Work, Take Your Lunch Outside

There is nothing worse than sitting in an office all day. One of the best things in the summer is grabbing some Tupperware and packing some fruit and a sandwich or your favourite meal and sitting in the grass or on a bench near by and enjoy your lunch outside before having to go back to your computer screen or office. Bring your phone and plug in your headphones and listen to your best playlist for summer. It will make you feel serene.

Niagara Wineries- 2019

Remember: Summer doesn’t last forever. Enjoy it while you can!

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