10 Free Things To Do On A No Spend Week

We all go through weeks where bills take priority and entertainment takes a back seat. Curb the boredom of not having any money to spend for the time being, and take a look at some free things to do that create memories and are a great way to spend a day!

#1 Go Exploring

In Ontario we have the luxury of conservation parks and beautiful trails. Some cost money, others are completely free if you can find them the All Trails App is one of my favourite hiking apps to find free trails to explore. Scrolling through my camera roll, there is almost always a waterfall, bridge, or natural trail that we’ve explored over the years.

In certain areas of the GTA, you can get an individual admissions pass to the parks that cost money to get in and save LOADS of money by paying $60 some odd dollars for the year as opposed to $7.00 each trip. Those weeks that you don’t have money to spend on a hike, feel basically free after having the conservation pass.

Parks GTA 2019 Handmade TP in a Forest Trail
Conservation 2019
GTA, Ontario

If you search hard enough around where you live, you can find some pretty cool things in the forests. Abandonded houses, wells, TP structures, ancient ruins; there is a lot of history in the forests around you, all you have to do is wander through them for a couple hours. We have found old speak easies, moonshine wells, original mills. The things we find can go on forever. And the best part is, it didn’t cost a penny.

#2 Wineries

I am someone who doesn’t drink wine period. Wineries though, are free to get in and if your lucky, you can find some that offer tours for free. Pillitteri Estates Winery is one of the wineries that we found has free tours every half an hour throughout the day. The beautiful views, and learning the history of some of these wineries is worth it.

Niagara Wineries

#3 Take Your Dog Out

When I am on a no spend week, most of the things that I tend to gravitate towards, especially in the summer months, is spending time outside. Taking your dog for a nice walk around your neighbourhood helps get a task done and get you and your pupper active in the nice weather.

Sadie 2018

#4 Find a Farm

I grew up in farm country. Now, most of the funny farms around my area charge admission. But if you search you can find some that charge no admission and are amazing people. Topsy Farms on Amherst Island is an amazing family run farm that has a large flock of sheep and it is completely free.

I am lucky enough, that there have been sheep in my family for the last 6 years and feeding the babies is one of the best past times.


Get a workout in, get some endorphins going. You pay for that membership each month, use it to it’s fullest potential when you can’t afford to go anywhere else.

Grab your bike and peddle around your town, explore new paths with friends and see where you end up!

Go for a run outside, If you have a cottage, and you’re up for the weekend, one of the best free workouts you can do is grab your headphones and running down at the beach when the sun is rising and no one is down there yet. Its calming, serene, and completely free.

Morning Run

#6 Snuggle Up and Watch A Movie or Binge Your Favourite Show

On those not so nice days, some of the best medicine for a crappy day is snuggling up in your favourite sweats with a cup of hot coffee, and your favourite TV show or movie to pass the time. Some chocolate never hurt anyone too help relax too.

#7 Google Free Things To Do In Your Area

When we go on trips, we try to spend as little as possible while there. The Opinicon is an amazing place to visit. It is a rental cottage area, but visitors are welcome and you don’t have to pay to be on the property. Bring a fishing rod or a kayak and go out on the water for the day or hang out in the Muskoka chairs by the water and enjoy the view.

#8 Explore Your City

Living in the GTA there are so many places to explore. Some top favourites:

  • Alboine Falls
  • Downtown Toronto
  • Toronto Island
  • Hamilton Stairs
  • Mount Nemo Conservation
  • Cambellville
  • Crawford Lake
  • Mountsberg
  • Burlington Waterfront Walkway
  • Bronte Harbour


Exhibition Station, Toronto Ontario

#9 Hangout In Your Backyard

Spending time in your backyard by the pool with a good book in hand or watching the world go by with a good playlist going is a great way to spend a lazy day.

#10 Spend Time with Family

Play a board game, have a card tournament, rent a movie, there are so many things you can do and spending time with family is a great way to spend a day.

There are so many things you can do, there is no need to spend money on things to pass the time. Find creative ways to spend your days

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