Your Best Outdoor Summer Workouts

working out in the gym in the summer, looking outside at the beautiful weather, is never the answer when you spend 10 months out of the year waiting and praying for tolerable and enjoyable temperatures.

Here are the top ways to get a good workout in during the summer months without stepping foot into a gym.

#1- Swimming

The obvious first choice for a summer workout is to go for a swim. At the beach or in a public outdoor pool or in your own backyard, get in the water and swim some laps. Swimming for a half an hour can burn the same amount of calories as a short run if you push yourself!

#2- Run outside

This is by far a personal favourite. Running outside in the evening or early morning before it gets too hot is a great escape. Turn on your favourite playlist and get running. Nike Run Club App has great guided runs to push you the hardest. Sprint runs are great ways to pace yourself in the heat as well!

Post Night Run on the Beach

#3- Hike

If you are not a runner, find a near by forest and start hiking the hills. A 45 minute hike can get you 5km and burn up to 500 calories!

Some favourite hiking trails in the GTA:

  • Hilton Falls – if you want to hike to a waterfall this is an amazing 5km hike in to the falls. There is also the option to do a 10km or 2km. Or if you’re feeling good, mix some trails together and go for a 15-20k!
  • Alboin Falls– this is a trek down a steep cliff but when you get to the bottom, it is the most serene waterfall you will ever see.
  • Mount Nemo – this is a super cool trek that brings you to in-ground caves along the Niagara Escarpment with amazing views of the city
  • Elora Gorge – if you are feeling adventurous this is a great 10km loop with the option to go river tubing through the gorge. Definitely a must if you are looking for a fun hike!

#4 Yoga or HIIT in the Park

If you love yoga or HIIT workouts, most public parks have some sort of class that runs in the early morning hours or late evening hours for around $10.00. If you walk through parks around your area, personal trainers often have signs posted around, promoting themselves with cheap joining rates for their sessions of Yoga or HIIT in the park! Grab a mat and go!

#5- Kayaking

Another great way to get out and on the water, is kayaking. It is a killer arm and core workout and such a fun way to get a good workout in with body weight strength training and cardio all in one! It is definitely a favourite summer workout to get active. An hour of Kayaking is better than an hour on a rowing machine staring at a screen for sure!

Boat Docks Muskoka

#6- Take The Pup For a Stroll

If you have a dog, they have been waiting just as long for the nice weather as you have. Take them out and get them moving by taking them on a stroll around your neighbourhood. Take a bottle of water for you both- and take 20 to 30 minutes to get out and get moving in the morning.

Watch for the peak of the heat, and make sure that the pavement and grass aren’t too hot for your best little friend’s feet however.

Morning and evening strolls are a fan favourite. They are a great way to get your metabolism going or digest your dinner. A 30 minute walk can burn up to 200 calories easily!

If you loved any of these ideas, check out the workout section on the home page for some more great outdoor workouts for the summer time!

We’d love to hear how you get active and moving outside in the summer time as well! Leave us a comment below with your favourites!

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