Ideal Summer Morning Routine

Everyone has their routine in the morning, and for some summer time is a time to make the most of your time. Waking up early and enjoying the day is the best part about the summer weather

Wake up between 7:30 and 8 a.m every day. Stretch. Let some light in.

Consistency is key. By doing the same three things every morning, it will create a habit to last a life time. My top three things that I do every morning before starting my routine are:

  1. waking up at a reasonable hour and not sleeping your day away will help make the most of your day. 7:30 is an ideal time to wake up and 8 a.m is a perfect “sleep in” time. You still have plenty of day left but you feel a little more refreshed to start the day.
  2. Take a moment while you’re getting up to stretch. Stretching first thing in the morning helps to get blood flow going and wake you up more.
  3. Open the blinds and let some natural light in. This is the best part of the morning to see the sunlight stream through your curtains.

Make your bed

Lastly, make your bed. It is a proven fact that making your bed first thing in the morning leads to a more productive day. It creates an ideal environment and starts on a positive moment for the day ahead. It also only takes a few seconds to do.

Put your runners on and get outside for a workout

The best way to start a summer morning is getting outside and going for your workout right away. It gets your endorphines going for the day and its a great wake up call if you’re feeling a little extra drowsy for the morning.

Chug 24 oz of water

Once you’re done your workout for the day, you have the whole day left to do whatever needs to get done without having to worry about hitting the gym. Chug back a nice big bottle of water to help your metabolism kick start after your fasted workout to get your day off on a good note.

Wash your face/ have a shower

Depending on what your workout was for the morning, either wash your face to refresh or have a shower if you’re dripping. Get ready for the day feeling fresh and clean

Make a coffee, have some breakfast

Now’s the perfect time to have a coffee and some food to fuel your body. This is around 9:30 now. take a moment to sit outside and take in the world around you while you do this and have a moment of peace.

Write in a journal/ plan your to do list

While you are having your breakfast, and enjoying sipping on your hot cup of coffee; now is the perfect time to reflect on your life and write down some personal affirmations, thoughts, concerns, ideas into a journal. This is also the perfect time to write down a to do list of things you have to get done for today to stay on top of your goals!

Get ready to conquer the day

Throw on a face mask, relax and now is the perfect time to scroll through your phone. Answer some emails, work on a new post, scroll through social media whatever it may be. Take 15 minutes out of your morning to care for your skin and take a second to acknowledge your online life. 15 minutes is a perfect amount of time to catch up.

Once your timer goes off for your face mask, is the time to put the phone away and start to get ready for the day. Put your make up on, do your hair and put your best outfit on and start your day. It is going to be a great day now that you’ve started it on a good note.

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