Push Yourself: How to Get 5 Workouts In Each Week. A Foolproof Guide To Motivation

Sometimes just the idea of driving to, or getting ready to go to the gym is exhausting. We all have days where the thought of going to workout is unappealing but we want to get our training sessions in for the week because we all know how much better you feel after each of those days. Here is a foolproof way to get your five workouts OR MORE in for the week!

Find What Your Motivation is to Workout

Some people’s motivation is to lose weight, others is to like the way they look, and feel a sense of accomplishment. Whatever your motivation is, use that as a daily affirmation to yourself to push yourself to go to the gym or get that workout in somehow.

When you are lacking motivation to go and crush your goals, repeat your daily affirmation to yourself to find a “why” to do that hour workout. It is only an hour out of your 14-16 hour day. You can do it

Daily Affirmation: Be better at being you today than you were yesterday

A Workout Doesn’t Have To Be In A Gym

A workout can be anywhere you want. An hour walk, a hike, hill sprints, a bike ride, kayacking, water skiing, snowboarding, swimming WHATEVER it is- a workout can be so fun and not even feel like you are working out. Figure out your Fun Workout for those days that you don’t have any way of motivating yourself to get into a gym. A personal favourite is running through the hiking trails in the GTA. It is a great way to get into nature and escape your reality for a while.

Set Up Your Workout Schedule at the Beginning of Your Week.

By planning out what days you’re going to workout for the week, it helps to keep your motivation going throughout the week. There is nothing worse than crossing off a workout in your planner or your phone instead of doing it. Write down what time you will work out each day- to get yourself going at that time. What focus workout will you be doing? Are you going to the gym and focusing on upper or lower body? Are you doing a yoga or spin class? Are you going for a hike? Write them down and sign up for your classes at the beginning of the week.

I try to do Spin classes every wednesday, a hike on saturdays or an outdoor workout on sundays, and gym work throughout the rest of the week or hit the pool.

Monthly Workout Outline
Each day has what workouts were done- and are added on Sunday to the weekly spread
Comment down below if you want a planner post!

Workout With a Friend

Workout with someone. It will keep your promise to go to get a workout in, because someone is relying on you. Make sure you choose someone you know likes working out as much as you do, and make sure you know they are someone who won’t cancel on you.

Take a Workout Class

Sign up for classes that you have to pay for. My favourite is spin classes. I know that I love these classes, and even if I don’t have the motivation to go- come the day of the class, I know I can’t cancel the class because I wont get my payment back after 24 hours. It is great motivation to go. I always know how much I enjoy the classes during and after, so it is motivation enough most of the time.

Post Spin Workout Stats

Whatever way you workout, these tips are foolproof. They make working out feel like a part of your life(which it is) instead of a tedious task that takes up valuable time in your day (which it isn’t)

Leave us a comment below! What are your foolproof tips to get all your workouts in each week!?

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