5 Tips To Quitting Your Job & Leaving on Good Terms

Quitting a job is never easy. After handing in your two week notice, it is always an awkward so many days until you leave. Recently, I quit my job and I gave six weeks notice. Here is 5 tips to making the last little bit of your time at your company a good experience while leaving on good terms

#1 Don’t Coast

Just because you have handed in your notice, doesn’t mean it is time to start slacking. If you have given notice of two weeks or more or even just a couple days- keep working like you normally would. If you are expecting to still be paid for your last few weeks there, expect that your employer still expects the same level of work. It looks good on you even if you absolutely hate the job you’re doing or who you’re doing it for. If you want to leave on good terms, doing good work all the way to the end is a great way to do so.

#2 Offer To Train

If you are going to be at your company for a few more weeks, offer to train your replacement. This is usually a big help to all parties. You get a good reference, the new you gets one on one training for the first couple weeks from who they are taking over for, and your employer doesn’t have to deal with it.

In the long run, if you are going to be at your company for a little over two weeks, your trainee might pick up on their new job within the first few. Instead of sitting watching them constantly when you are confident in their ability to not screw up, offer some of your coworkers help with their tasks if you know how to do them. It will ultimately look good on you in the end, and it sums up the “no coasting” on the way out.

#3 Stay Humble

This one is common sense. When you’re leaving a company, it might be for reasons that you feel exist, but as long as you are still there don’t bad mouth your company or coworkers to your coworkers. That is the worst way to leave.

In addition to badmouthing, as excited as you may be to start your new job, don’t brag about it to your employer or coworkers. The job that you’re leaving, might be the most important place to them and you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes and burn a bridge on the way out, no matter how fed up with a place or with people as you may be.

#4 Stay For the Amount of Time You’ve Promised

As hard as it might be to stay at a job after you’ve given your notice, make sure to stay for the amount of time that you have promised your employer. I recently quit my job and because I knew I wasn’t starting at my new job until the end of the summer, I gave 6 generous weeks. After the training process was over for my replacement I know how hard it is to want to stay. You promised those days though. Stick it out to the end to look like the reliable person you are and get that good reference for giving notice to begin with.

Remember, some people don’t give any notice. It isn’t mandatory. By giving ample notice, you are showing you still care. (Even if you don’t)

#5 Give Ample Notice

That follows perfectly into giving ample notice. Giving two weeks is great, giving more looks even better on you if you can. Handing in notice on Friday’s is always best practice. It gives your employer time to decompress and understand what is happening- and everyone a chance to calm down from anxiety, nerves or anger and start fresh on Monday. By giving your employer enough time to get their ducks in a row, it again, gives you an upper hand and the chance at an amazing reference. The worst thing to do is to give no notice and burn a bridge with a past employment. Give that notice right when you know you’re going to be leaving. Set your self up for success and you are golden.

We’d love to hear some of your tips and tricks to quitting your job and leaving on good terms. Leave a comment below and let us know!

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