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Hit The Trail: Mono Cliffs

Hiking is the best way to get in touch with nature and get a killer workout in at the same time. We discovered a new trail in Ontario that I’m sure most of you have heard of, but even if you have keep reading to find out the top tips to hitting the trail at Mono Cliffs

What To Expect

The mono cliffs is located just outside of Orangeville Ontario. It is a provincial park and is upkept very well. The trails are beautiful and in emaculate conditions. Signs are everywhere explaining where the trails lead and where main trails and side trails connect. The trial we took was Carriage Trail, followed by the Walter Tovel Trail and ending with the clifftop trial to connect back to the carriage trail to leave.

Cliff Top Trail

The following link will show you the PDF map that can be downloaded and printed from ontario parks website to bring along with you on the trails. I highly recommend this as the side trails and main trails can get confusing, very quickly.

The trial we took took us a total of an hour, but that included stops for photo ops and to enjoy the views.

Parking is paid, they have the option for a whole day for 15.00, 2 hours for 4.00 or 4 hours for 8.00. We opted for the whole day parking in case we got lost.

It is about an hour drive from our part of the GTA. It is a trek to get there, and you do lose signal on the way in as there is no cell service in the area, so it is best to download the directions to your phone before heading out.

Watch Out For Bears

Now, going into this hike, we did not realize how close to bear country we had gotten ourselves into. There are warnings out at the beginning of the trail showing you what to expect to find along the trail and what to watch out for. There are warnings of giant hogweed, black bears, poison ivy and poison oak. Don’t let this discourage you. It isn’t as terrifying as it sounds. The beautiful pools of water along the way make the perfect spot for a quick swim and picnic, and as long as you travel in a group and bring the appropriate equipment there is nothing to worry about.

What To Pack

That leads us perfectly into what to bring with you. We did not plan for bear country so we did not have any bear repellant. We relied on the fact that is was mid afternoon and 40+ degrees out so they hopefully wouldn’t be around because of the heat. Also, we played music along our hike the whole way.

  • Backpack
  • Water bottles/ water reserve
  • ball cap
  • non perishable snacks i.e. granola bars
  • mosquito and tick repellant i.e. deep woods off or deet
  • phone (you dont have signal most of the time but its always good to have)
  • camera (there are amazing views for some spectacular pictures)
  • Bear spray
  • Knife (just in case)
  • Air horn

What To Wear

Now, because you are in Ontario, and there is a bit of a tick issue this summer, light coloured clothing with long sleeves and full length pants are your best option. Still do a tick check when you leave, but there is less of a chance for them to latch on.

Bring a bathing suit, the water looked so refreshing and had we have known there were natural pools along the way, we definately would have been right in the water.

Wear runners or hiking shoes. The trail turns from gravel, to sand, to boardwalk, to stairs, to wood chips to loose dirt. The better the shoes the easier the hike will be. There are also some pretty steep hills to climb, so if you need walking sticks, It wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The Boardwalk

Now, we had seen the mono cliffs as advertised as a boardwalk through ancient caves and ruins. That was 30 seconds, 4km into our hike. It is not a boardwalk trail the whole way by any means. So if you are going to the mono cliffs for this exact reason, it is still worth it, because it is an absolutely beautiful sight to see, but be warned that it is not the whole trek.

Walter Tovel Trail

The Distance

We took three trails to connect together to see what we wanted to see, the boardwalk, the lookout, and the stairs. Our hike totalled a good 5km. You could easily take a 1km hike in an out, or make it 20 or more km by putting the trails together and winding your way through the forest. The posibilities are endless.

The mono cliffs are a beautiful opportunity. Have you been? What did you think of it? Share your experience down below and tell us what your favourite spot to hike is! We’d love to hear from you!

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